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Fig. 4

From: Imprinted and ancient gene: a potential mediator of cancer cell survival during tryptophan deprivation

Fig. 4

Increased IMPACT expression associates with elevated mTOR pathway activity and decreased stress response activity. a) Spearman’s rank correlations between the expression of IMPACT and the activity of gene sets in 28 cancer types grouped by hierarchical clustering analysis. Colour intensity and area of the circles denote magnitude and statistical significance of the correlations, respectively. b) Two-dimensional scaling of Manhattan distances between the gene set correlation values from panel A. Gene set proximity indicates high similarity. c) A heatmap of normalised gene set activities and their respective Spearman’s correlations with IMPACT expression (horizontal bars) in prostate (top) and thyroid (bottom) carcinoma samples. Vertical lines in the heatmap represent individual tumour samples. Network correlation plots of gene set activities and IMPACT expression in d) thyroid and e) prostate carcinoma. The closer the nodes, the more correlated they are. Shorter, wider and more opaque paths represent stronger correlations between the nodes and vice versa. Red and blue colours indicate positive and negative Spearman’s correlations, respectively. Paths connecting nodes correlating < |0.25| were omitted. The network correlation plots were rendered using corrr package [38] in R

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