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Fig. 6

From: AMPK-dependent and independent actions of P2X7 in regulation of mitochondrial and lysosomal functions in microglia

Fig. 6

P2X7 activation impairs mitochondrial respiration via an AMPK-independent pathway. a and b The representative effects of BzATP and nigericin on OCR were shown. BV-2 cells were pretreated with vehicle, A438079 (10 μM) or transfected with siControl or siAMPK before inserting the XF cell culture plate with cells in the Seahorse XF24 analyzer. The cells were treated with BzATP, nigericin from the port A, and subsequently oligomycin (2.5 μM), FCCP (1 μM) and rotenone (2.5 μM) plus antimycin A (2.5 μM) as indicated. OCR was measured as % of the basal respiration value at the time point before giving the major stimulus from port A. c and d ATP turnover and respiratory capacity were determined from 3 independent experiments in Seahorse XF24 analyzer. *p < 0.05, indicating the significant effects of BzATP and nigericin responses. #p < 0.05, indicating the antagonistic effect of A438079 on BzATP response

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