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Fig. 1

From: AMPK-dependent and independent actions of P2X7 in regulation of mitochondrial and lysosomal functions in microglia

Fig. 1

P2X7 induces AMPK activation in BV-2, primary microglia and BMDM. BV-2 cell line (a), mouse primary microglia (b) and BMDM (c) isolated from WT or P2X7−/− mice were treated with ATP (1 mM), BzATP (200 μM), or nigericin (10 μM), either with or without the pre-treatment of A438079 (10 μM) for 30 min. After treatment for indicated time intervals, total cell lysates were collected for immunoblotting. Data were representative of 3 independent experiments. Data quantification was shown in Additional file 1: Figure S1

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