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Fig. 3

From: Macrophage migration inhibitory factor contributes to the pathogenesis of benign lymphoepithelial lesion of the lacrimal gland

Fig. 3

Inflammation-related cytokines expression in BLEL tissues. (a) Bio-Plex multiplex cytokine detection in tissue lysates (n = 8: 4 CH, 4 BLEL). (b) Quantitative analysis of MIF by ELISA in tissue lysates (n = 9: 5 CH, 4 BLEL). (c-e) MIF expression and distribution in BLEL and CH tissues: (c & d) are western blot results from tissues obtained from 6 CH and 8 BLEL patients and (e) their corresponding immunohistochemistry showing MIF distribution in these tissues. The Red arrows indicate expression in acinar cells, the white arrows the expression in infiltrated lymphocytes and the blue arrows the expression by fibroblast-like cells. (f-h) highlight MIF receptors expression and distribution in BLEL and CH tissues; (f) microarray analysis of MIF receptors mRNA expression (from GSE76497 dataset); the immunostaining was performed with CD74 (G) and CXCR4 (h) antibodies on tissues biopsies of 5 CH and 5 BLEL independent specimens. Data in (a, b, d and f) were plotted as Mean ± SEM. * P-value < 0.05; ** P-value < 0.01; *** P-value < 0.001; no stars for P-value > 0.05; Original magnification: 20× for images with a 100 μm scale bare or 40× for those with a 50 μm scale bare

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