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Fig. 1

From: TRPV2-induced Ca2+-calcineurin-NFAT signaling regulates differentiation of osteoclast in multiple myeloma

Fig. 1

TRPV2 is highly expressed in MM patients and associated with poor prognosis. a Representative image of TRPV2 expression in NC and MM BM by immunehistochemical staining. b TRPV2 channel expression levels in NP + MGUS+SMM and MM from GSE5900 and GSE2658. c Kaplan-Meier analysis and log-rank tests were used to evaluate whether TRPV2 expression level was associated with OS in TT2 + TT3 trial (P = 0.038, n = 500). d and e Western blot detection of TRPV2 in MM cell lines, A549 and SHSY5Y cells (negative control), MM patients cells and normal donor cells (MNCs). f Double-staining Immunofluorescence detection showing TRPV2 (red) and CD38 (green) in MM cells. *P < 0.05

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