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Table 3 Post-translational modifications of FOXM1

From: Regulation of the master regulator FOXM1 in cancer

PTM Enzyme Effect Cell cycle FOXM1 isoform
 T620,T627,S672 Cyclin D-CDK4/6[6] Transcriptional activitya stabilizationa G1 → S FOXM1c
 S331 Raf/MEK/MAPK [60] Nuclear translocationa Late S FOXM1c
 S704 Raf/MEK/MAPK [60] Transcriptional activitya Late S FOXM1c
 T600,T611,S638 Cyclin A/E-Cdk2 [62, 63] Transcriptional activitya G2/M FOXM1c
 T596 Cyclin B1-Cdk1 [64] Transcriptional activitya G2/M FOXM1b
 S678 Cyclin B1-Cdk1 [65] Transcriptional activitya Late G2 FOXM1b
 S507,S657, T585 Cyclin B1-Cdk1 [131] Transcriptional activitya G2/M FOXM1b
 S715,S724 Plk1 [64] Transcriptional activitya G2 → M/M FOXM1b
 S361 Chk2 [66] stabilizationa DDR FOXM1b
 S251 c [59] CDK1-dependent phosphorylationa G2/M FOXM1b
 S474 GSK3 [67] degradationa   FOXM1b
 - APC/C-Cdh1 [71, 72] degradationa Late M/Early G1 FOXM1
 - CRL4-VprBP [73] degradationa G1/S FOXM1
 - SCF/FBXO31 [74] degradationa G2 → M FOXM1
 - SCF/FBXL2 [132] degradationa   FOXM1
 -(K48) FBXW7 [67] degradationa   FOXM1
 -(K48) RNF8,RNF168 [75] degradationa (DDR) FOXM1
 - USP5 [67] Nuclear translocationa   FOXM1
 (K48) OTUB1 [76, 77] degradationb   FOXM1
 Lys132,144,201,218,356,368,415,440,443,460,478,495(SUMO2) c [78] Transcriptional activitya Nuclear translocationa G2/M FOXM1c
 Lys463(SUMO1) PIASy [79] Transcriptional activitya   FOXM1b
 Lys201,218,460,478,495(SUMO1) Ubc9 [80] Cytoplasmic translocationa Cdh1-mediated degradationa (CDR) FOXM1c
 -(SUMO1,2,3) Ubc9,PIAS1 [81] Cytoplasmic translocationa stabilizationb   FOXM1b
 Lys201,218,341,445,462,480(SUMO1) c [68] Cytoplasmic translocationa stabilizationb Late M FOXM1b
 Lys63,422,440,603,614 CBP/p300 [82] stabilizationa DNA-binding abilityaTranscriptional activitya G2/M FOXM1c
 - SETD3 [83] Transcriptional activityb   FOXM1
  1. K48 Lys48-linked poly-ubiquitin chains, DDR DNA-damage response, CDR cytotoxic drug response
  2. a: Promoting
  3. b: Inhibition
  4. c: not clear
  5. → Transition