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Table 2 Non-coding RNAs interaction with FOXM1 transcript

From: Regulation of the master regulator FOXM1 in cancer

MicroRNA mechanism CeRNA Physiological context Cancer
miR-216b 3′UTR   proliferationb, invasionb Glioblastoma [113], melanoma [114], hepatocellular carcinoma [115]
MiR-214 3′UTR   proliferationb, invasionb, drug sensitivitya cervical cancer [54]
miR-361-5p 3′UTR   proliferationb, invasionb lung cancer [116]
miR-342 3′UTR   proliferationb, migrationb colorectal cancer [117]
miR-671-5p 3′UTR   proliferationb,invasionb,EMTb breast cancer [118]
miR-149 3′UTR   drug sensitivitya, EMTb Colorectal Cancer [55], non-small cell lung cancer [119]
miR-509-5p 3′UTR   proliferationb, migrationb, invasionb non-small cell lung cancer [120]
miR-802 3′UTR   proliferationb breast cancer [121]
miR-34a 3′UTR CCAT2 [58] senescencea hepatocellular carcinoma [122]
miR-370 3′UTR   proliferationb,apoptosisa osteosarcoma [123], laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma [124], gastric carcinoma [125]
miR-877 3′UTR   proliferationb hepatocellular carcinoma [126]
miR-320 3′UTR   drug sensitivitya, radiosensitivitya colon cancer [127], Glioma [128]
miR-204 3′UTR   invasionb, EMTb esophageal cancer [129]
miR-24-1 3′UTR   proliferationb bladder cancer [130]
miR-342-3p 3′UTR H19 [57] proliferationb, migrationb, invasionb cervical cancer [56]
  1. a: promoting
  2. b: Inhibition