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Fig. 1

From: Inhibition of integrin αVβ6 changes fibril thickness of stromal collagen in experimental carcinomas

Fig. 1

Luciferase-based assay showing TGF-β activity in mink lung epithelial cells (MLEC). a Effects by TGF-β elicited signaling in MLEC by heat-activated (CM heated) or non-activated (CM) conditioned medium from KAT-4 and Capan-2 cell cultures. b TGF-β activity in cultures of MLEC, KAT-4, Capan-2, and co-cultures of KAT-4 and MLEC (p = 0.0014). c Effect of 3G9 antibody on TGF-β activity in co-cultures of MLEC and KAT-4 cells. d Effect of Fc:TβRII on TGF-β activity in co-cultures of MLEC with KAT-4 cells. e Effect of 3G9 on TGF-β activity in KAT-4 and MLEC co-cultured with F99 fibroblasts and Capan-2 cells. f Effects of the ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 (10 μM) on TGF-β activity in fibroblasts co-cultured with tumor cells, as well as effects of TGF-β supplementation (10 nM). All data points were compiled from a minimum of three independent experiments performed in triplicates. Error bars are standard deviations. Asterisks indicate p < 0.05 as analyzed with Student’s t-test

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