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Fig. 5

From: Impairment of IGF2 gene expression in prostate cancer is triggered by epigenetic dysregulation of IGF2-DMR0 and its interaction with KLF4

Fig. 5

Analysis of IGF2 gene copy number variation in prostate tumors and association to IGF2-mRNA expression. a Prostate cancer cell lines PC3, LNCaP and DU145 were analyzed together with three blood DNA samples (controls 1–3) regarding the copy number variation (CNV) of IGF2 using the qBiomarker CNV PCR Assay (Qiagen). Increased IGF2 copy numbers were found in DU145 cells, whereas in PC3 and LNCaP the values were comparable to controls. b IGF2 CNV (gain, loss or normal) were analyzed in TUR-BPH (n = 7), RP-BPH (n = 38) and RP-PCa (n = 66). The majority (70% and 65%, respectively) of analyzed RP-BPH and RP-PCa samples showed normal copy numbers. c Tissue samples showing decreased, gained or normal copy numbers of IGF2 were grouped and compared regarding IGF2-mRNA expression. No significant differences were found, although by trend, samples having increased IGF2 copies showed higher median IGF2-mRNA values as those with decreased copies

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