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Fig. 1

From: Impairment of IGF2 gene expression in prostate cancer is triggered by epigenetic dysregulation of IGF2-DMR0 and its interaction with KLF4

Fig. 1

Schematic structure of the human IGF2/H19 imprinting locus. The IGF2/H19 gene locus was delineated based on in-silico data from NCBI, GenBank (IGF2: gene ID 3481, location NC_000011.10; H19: gene ID 283120, location NC_000011.10). IGF2 gene contains nine exons (1–9) and five transcription variants (TV1-TV5). The differential methylated region in the promoter P0 of IGF2 (DMR0, upstream of exon 2) [19, 50] comprises a putative KLF4 binding site. The KLF4 consensus motif was identified by JASPAR with a z-score of 7.6. The ApaI single nucleotide polymorphism (ApaI SNP G/A) in IGF2 exon 9 was used for loss of imprinting studies. The imprinting control region (ICR) upstream of H19 gene contains a CTCF binding site. The transcription start site and exon 1 of the H19 gene are indicated. The density of CpGs (CpG percentage) among the IGF2/H19 imprinting cluster is indicated. The CpGs analyzed by pyrosequencing in the putative KLF4 binding site within IGF2-DMR0 and in the CTCF binding site within IGF2/H19-ICR are underlined

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