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Fig. 6

From: NF-κB potentiates tumor growth by suppressing a novel target LPTS

Fig. 6

NF-κB promotes LPTS-dependent growth of CaSki cells. a CCK8 assays of the CaSki cells. The PLKO or P65 shRNA-2-transfected CaSki cells were additionally transfected with a human LPTS shRNA (hLPTS-KD). CCK8 assays were performed dynamically. (n = 5, **P < 0.01, means ±, Student’s t-test). b The size of the inoculated CaSki tumors. The CaSki cells were treated as described in (a), and injected subcutaneously in the Balb/C nude mice. The tumor size was measured dynamically as indicated. (n = 10, *P < 0.05, means ±, Student’s t-test). c Percent survival of the CaSki tumor-bearing mice. The Balb/C nude mice were inoculated with subcutaneous CaSki tumors as described in (b), and the survival time was recorded. (n = 10, **P < 0.01, means ±, Gehan-Breslow-Wilcoxon test)

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