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Fig. 4

From: Crosstalk between glial and glioblastoma cells triggers the “go-or-grow” phenotype of tumor cells

Fig. 4

Effects of CM from unprimed or primed glial cells on GL261 GBM cells viability, cell death, and migration capacity. a. Cell viability trypan blue assay showing that primed CM is more efficient in promoting GBM cells viability than unprimed CM. b. Cell death evaluated by annexin V staining followed by flow cytometry demonstrating that primed CM decreases cell death of GL261 comparing to unprimed CM. c. Migration assay to evaluate cell migration capacity, which is increased in cells exposed to unprimed CM. d. GL261 cell lysates were analyzed by Western Blot immunostained for anti-phospho ERK, anti-phospho JNK, anti-phospho AKT, and for total ERK, JNK, AKT and α-tubulin (left). Graphs show the relative quantification of phosphorylated/total forms (right). Primed CM is able to upregulate the phosphorylation/activation of ERK pathway in GL261 cells. Results are representative of at least two independent experiments (data points represent mean + SEM). Statistical differences were calculated by paired Student’s t-test (*p < 0.05)

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