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Table 1 Description of randomized mouse groups and their treatments

From: Glyceollins trigger anti-proliferative effects through estradiol-dependent and independent pathways in breast cancer cells

Mice groups Treatment
Non-Ovariectomized (non-Ovx) Vehicle
Ovariectomized (Ovx) Vehicle
Estradiol (E2) E2 10 μg/kg
Glyceollin I Low (GI L) GI 50 mg/kg
Glyceollin II Low (GII L) GII 50 mg/kg
Estradiol + Glyceollin I Low (E2 + GI L) E2 10 μg/kg + GI 50 mg/kg
Estradiol + Glyceollin II Low (E2 + GII L) E2 10 μg/kg + GII 50 mg/kg
Glyceollin I High (GI H) GI 100 mg/kg
Glyceollin II High (GI H) GII 100 mg/kg
Estradiol + Glyceollin I High (E2 + GI H) E2 10 μg/kg + GI 100 mg/kg
Estradiol + Glyceollin II High (E2 + GII H) E2 10 μg/kg + GII 100 mg/kg