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Fig. 2

From: Fibroblast growth factor 2 supports osteoblastic niche cells during hematopoietic homeostasis recovery after bone marrow suppression

Fig. 2

Proliferation rate of endosteal osteoblasts isolated from 5FU-treated mice. Representative photographs of in vitro-cultured OBs selectively obtained from bones in PBS- (a) or 5FU-treated mice (b) for 4 days (n = 5). Long bone fragments completely depleted of bone marrow were cultured in α-MEM medium containing 15% FBS for 14 days. c & d Representative pictures of OB colonies from PBS- or 5FU-treated mice after 14 days of culture CFU assay (c), and O.D. values at 540 nm (per 44 mg of processed bone chip) after 2 weeks of culture of OBs from PBS- or 5FU-treated mice (d)

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