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Table 1 Documentation of patients’ samples and use for experiments

From: “Inverse signaling” of the transmembrane chemokine CXCL16 contributes to proliferative and anti-apoptotic effects in cultured human meningioma cells

Sample WHO grade Expression analysis qRT-PCR/ICC/WB Kinase-WB Binding Proliferation Apoptosis
P1 I X X   X  
P2 I X X    
P3 I X    X  
P4 I X X   X  
P5 I X     
P6 I X   X   X
P7 I X     X
P8 I X X    X
P9 I X X    
P10 II X X    
P11 I X X    
P12 I X X    
P13 I X X    
P14 I X X    
P15 I X   X   
P16 I X   X   
P17 I X     
P18 I X     
P19 I X     
P20 I X     
P21 I X     
P22 I X     
P23 I X     
P24 I X     
P25 II X     
P26 I X     
P27 II X     
P28 II X     
  1. We included 24 WHO grade I and 4 WHO grade II tumor samples and used cultured meningioma cells from these samples for experiments as indicated