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Fig. 2 | Cell Communication and Signaling

Fig. 2

From: Experimental detection of short regulatory motifs in eukaryotic proteins: tips for good practice as well as for bad

Fig. 2

Linear Motifs in T cell receptor signalling pathway hsa04660. “T cell receptor signaling pathway” obtained from KEGG [83] and redrawn using Cytoscape [84] and KEGGScape [85]. Colour coding illustrates the use of linear motifs according to instances annotated in ELM [26] as follows: docking motifs in blue; degradation motifs (degrons) in yellow; ligand-binding motifs in green; sites for post-translational modification in pink; and targeting/trafficking motifs in orange. Note that only motif interactions annotated in the ELM resource have been considered for colouring: Other functionality is not coloured

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