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Table 3 Current therapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer patients to trigger ROS-mediated cell death

From: Hydrogen peroxide – production, fate and role in redox signaling of tumor cells

substance target/mechanism treatment of
Auranofin TrxR inhibitor leukemia, solid cancer, melanoma [213]
+ BSO inhibition of GSH biosynthesis head and neck cancer cells, malignant B cells [215, 216]
+ Selenocystin   lung cancer [214]
MJ25 TrxR inhibitor melanoma [213]
Imexon prooxidant, cysteine depletion B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma [243, 244]
Calmangafodipin SOD mimetica metastatic colorectal cancer [245]
Molexafin gadolinum TrxR inhibitor, superoxide formation glioblastoma multiform [246]
Arsenic trioxide inhibitor of mitochondrial chain, GPx and TrxR melanoma [247]
+ GSH depletion