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Table 1 Examples of interactions between modular domains and linear motifs

From: High-throughput methods for identification of protein-protein interactions involving short linear motifs

Protein Domain Consensus motif Target protein/binding peptide Function Reference
GRB2 SH2 pY-x-(E/N) ERBB3/pYMN Ras signaling [93]
GRB2 SH3 P-x-x-P-x-(R/K) SOS1/PPVPPR Ras signaling [94]
SUMO1 SUMO (V/I/L)-(V/I/L)-(D/E)-(V/I/L) PIAS1/VIDL Sumoylation [66]
SDCBP PDZ Φ-x-Φ-coo- SDC1/EFYA-coo- Trafficking [95]
YAP1 WW PP-x-Y TP73/PPPY Transcriptional regulation [96]
  1. “Φ” indicates a hydrophic residue and “x” any amino acid