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Fig. 8

From: Autophagy capacity and sub-mitochondrial heterogeneity shape Bnip3-induced mitophagy regulation of apoptosis

Fig. 8

Illustration of key findings. a Bnip3 dual-functionality and crosstalk between mitophagy and apoptosis pathways. b Bnip3 LIR activity determines interaction with LC3, and influences MOMP activation (and consequent cytochrome c release) (c) Level of mitophagy in a cell is dependent on mitochondrial autophagy potential (AV content), and spatial localization of autophagic vesicles (d) Subcellular heterogeneity at mitochondria, specifically proteins at crosstalk between both pathways, impact individual mitochondria response to stress and apoptosis signaling, resulting in emergence of sub-populations able to influence cell fate

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