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Fig. 6

From: Autophagy capacity and sub-mitochondrial heterogeneity shape Bnip3-induced mitophagy regulation of apoptosis

Fig. 6

Impact of AV spatial localization on cell fate. a Schematic of AV distribution with (top view) increasing radii and (side profile) total AV level kept constant for all radii. b Total mitophagy potential of mitochondrial population in absence of tBid activation for low AV ( AV = 25) and increasing AV radial distribution (c) Number of mitochondria with mitophagy as final phenotype with increasing radii of AV distribution (blues) and tBid activation (at t = 5) at total AV = 75, compared to a heterogeneous AV distribution (red). d 3-fold decrease in AV level in comparison to c for Bnip3 WT and 2SE. e HeLa cells were co-transfected 24 h with GFP-LC3B and RFP-Bnip3 2SE, and either pcDNA3.1, pcDNA3-RILP or pcDNA3-ΔRILP. Representative images show GFP-LC3B (green) and RFP-Bnip3 2SE (red), with increased co-localization (yellow) for enforced peripheral localization of LC3B (pcDNA3-ΔRILP) compared to peri-nuclear (pcDNA3-RILP WT). From acquired Z-stacks, channels were segmented and the co-localization of mitochondria with autophagosomes was calculated on a slice-by-slice basis. Bar graph shows quantification of the fraction of sequestered mitochondria. Sample size for (b-d) was 50 runs each

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