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Fig. 8

From: Bile acid effects are mediated by ATP release and purinergic signalling in exocrine pancreatic cells

Fig. 8

TGR5 and FXR receptors expression in exocrine pancreatic cells. a RT-PCR and b Western Blot analysis of the TGR5 receptor expression in AR42J and Capan-1 cells, in lysates (L) and membrane microdomain enriched fraction (M) shows a clear band at 33 kDa. c - d Immunocytochemistry of TGR5 in AR2J and Capan-1 cells. Scale bars are 25 μm. White lines indicate where the z scan was taken. e. The effect of the TGR5 receptor agonist GPBAR-A at 3 and 30 μM (n = 3, 4) on ATP release from Capan-1 cells. f Expression of FXR in Capan-1 cells showed by RT-PCR. Activation of FXR with the specific agonist GW4046 at 0.1 and 1 μM (n = 3, 2) did not have effect on ATP release from duct cells. Arrows indicate when the agonists were added

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