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Fig. 3

From: Bile acid effects are mediated by ATP release and purinergic signalling in exocrine pancreatic cells

Fig. 3

CDCA effect on Magnesium Green fluorescence in AR42J and Capan-1. Effect of 0.5 and 0.3 mM CDCA on intracellular ATP (ATPi) changes in AR42J (a) (n = 3) and Capan-1 (b) (n = 4) cells. Cells were loaded with Magnesium Green indicator (5 μM) for 20 min. Changes of ATPi are given as ratios of fluorescence at time t in relation to time 0 (Ft/F0), where the starting baseline is set to the 1. Results are shown as mean values ± SEM of 10 cells or group of acini per each individual experiment. Arrows indicate time of adding CDCA

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