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Figure 1

From: Stimulus-dependent differences in signalling regulate epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity and change the effects of drugs in breast cancer cell lines

Figure 1

Stimulation of PMC42-ET and PMC42-LA cells with EGF, or stimulation of MDA-MB-468 cells with EGF or growth under hypoxic conditions (HPX) promotes a mesenchymal phenotype. (a-h) Fluorescence images of stimulated and unstimulated cells labelled with DAPI (blue) and anti-vimentin (red). Scale bar represents 10 μm. Changes in mRNA transcript abundance between stimulated and unstimulated cells for (i) EMT markers and (j) EMT-implicated transcription factors. Note the use of alternative colour-bars to indicate statistically significant (**; q-value < 0.05; red-green) and non-significant (brown/orange-teal) changes in abundance. Grey squares indicate mRNA transcripts that were not reliably detected – normalised count data are shown in Additional file 2: Figure S1.

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