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Figure 5

From: The transcription factor MITF is a critical regulator of GPNMB expression in dendritic cells

Figure 5

Upon treatment of moDC with imatinib, nilotinib, IL-10 or MK2206, MITF translocates into the nucleus. Western blot analysis of MITF level and phosphorylation status in the cytoplasmic or nuclear fraction of purified immature CD209+ moDC. moDC were generated in vitro with GM-CSF and IL-4 alone (4/GM) or with (A) imatinib (3 μM), (B) nilotinib (3 μM), (C) Akt inhibitor MK2206 (Akt-inh.; 300 nM) or (D) IL-10 (10 ng/mL). (E) Cells were treated with nilotinib (3 μM). Indicated time refers to further treatment of cells prior to cell lysis (see Methods). GAPDH served as loading control. Exemplary results from at least three independent experiments using different donors are presented.

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