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Figure 3

From: Horizontal transfer of exosomal microRNAs transduce apoptotic signals between pancreatic beta-cells

Figure 3

Profiling of miRNAs released in exosomes by MIN6B1 cells in the presence or absence cytokines. miRNA content of exosomes released by MIN6B1 cells treated or not with pro-inflammatory cytokines (IFNγ, TNF-α and IL-1β) for 48 h were analyzed by microarray and were compared to the cellular content (complete microarray results are presented in Additional file 2: Table S1). A) Comparison of the amount of each miRNA released in exosomes and retained inside MIN6B1 cells under control conditions. B) Venn diagram showing the miRNAs most enriched in exosomes or in cellular extracts (fold change > 15; corrected p value < 0.05). Of the 232 miRNAs detected, 39 were preferentially found in exosomes, whereas 13 miRNAs were more abundant inside the cells. C) Venn diagram presenting exosomal miRNAs displaying significant changes in response to cytokine treatment (fold change > 1.5; corrected p value < 0.05).

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