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Figure 6

From: Constitutive activation of oncogenic PDGFRα-mutant proteins occurring in GIST patients induces receptor mislocalisation and alters PDGFRα signalling characteristics

Figure 6

Different mutant PDGFRα proteins show highly similar biologic responses. (A) RRHO heatmaps (upper row) and rank-rank scatter plots (lower row) for the comparison of the different oncogenic PDGFRα proteins. The representation is based on our microarray experiments and does not apply any cut-offs as the entire gene set is used in the analysis. For both lists, the genes were ranked according to the ANOVA p-values attributed to the differentially expressed genes (using non-stimulated PDGFRα-wt as control). The top differentially expressed genes are thus located at the lower left corner of the graph. For the heat maps, the range of -log10-transformed hypergeometric P-values are indicated in the colour scale bar. High intensity signals (red) indicate the highest overlap in the lists above the current sliding rank threshold (between the rank 1 for both lists at the bottom left corner and the coloured point on the map). (B) RRHO heatmaps (upper row) and rank-rank scatter plots (lower rows) for the comparison of stimulated PDGFRα response and the different oncogenic PDGFRα mutants.

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