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Figure 4

From: Small heat shock protein 20 (Hsp20) facilitates nuclear import of protein kinase D 1 (PKD1) during cardiac hypertrophy

Figure 4

Preserved cardiac function following Hsp20-PKD1 disruption. Mice undergoing sham or MTAB surgery were treated with 10 mg/kg PKD-disruptor (PKD DIS) or a scrambled control (CTR PKD) peptide twice weekly for 4 weeks. A. Representative LV echocardiography M-mode traces; AW, anterior wall; PW, posterior; EDD, end diastolic diameter; ESD, end systolic diameter. B. Histogram of average ± S.E.M fractional shortening data, n ≥ 5 mice, *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001, one-way ANOVA tests followed by post-hoc Tukey’s test.

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