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Figure 3

From: Distinct inhibitory effects on mTOR signaling by ethanol and INK128 in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Figure 3

EtOH induces while INK128 impairs stress granules formation. (A) SUDHL-2 cells were either left untreated or treated with indicated doses of EtOH, and SG were detected using anti-G3BP1 (red) and anti-TIAR (green) antibodies. DAPI (blue) was used for nuclear staining. (B) SUDHL-2 cells were treated with indicated concentrations of INK128 (Control) or preincubated with INK128 for 1 h and then treated with 250 μM arsenite for an additional 1 h (Arsenite). Cells were then analyzed by immunofluorescence as described in (A). Representative fields from three independent experiments are shown. Typical SG are illustrated in enlarged pictures. Pictures were taken using a Nikon TE2000S.

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