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Figure 3

From: The guanine exchange factor SWAP70 mediates vGPCR-induced endothelial plasticity

Figure 3

SWAP70 is expressed in HHV8-infected cells and tissues. A. Semi-quantitative PCR was used to analyze expression of vGPCR and SWAP70 in patient-derived non-KS (Ctrl) and KS skin lesions (KS #1 to #4), as well as in latently infected HHV8 cell lines (BC3, BC1, BCBL1, CROAP6), and patient-isolated KS-positive (KS-B cell) and –negative (Ctrl-B cell) peripheral B cells. GAPDH mRNA levels were detected as a control for input and equal loading. B. Immunohistochemical staining of hematoxylin/eosin (H&E) coloration, LNA, and SWAP70 in tissue sections from KS-positive lesions (KS #5 and KS #6) and a KS-negative lesion (angioma).

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