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Figure 3

From: Chronic myeloid leukemia-derived exosomes promote tumor growth through an autocrine mechanism

Figure 3

Anti-Apoptotic and Pro-Survival Effect of CML-Derived Exosomes on Protein Expression. (a) Western blot analysis shows that treatment of LAMA84 with 10 μg/ml of LAMA84 exosomes for 72 or 96 hours increases the expression of the anti-apoptotic molecules BCL-xl, BCL-w, and survivin, while it decreases the expression of the pro-apoptotic molecules BAD and BAX. (b) Protein levels of the same molecules were analyzed in the tumor biopsies of mice treated with exosomes (Exo 1 and Exo 2) and control mice treated with PBS (Ctrl 1 and Ctrl 2). Blots were stripped and subsequently reprobed with an antibody against β -actin to ensure equal loading. (c) Representative photomicrographs showing 5-μm-thick paraffin-embedded sections of tumor biopsy specimens obtained from control mice (Ctrl) and exosome-treated mice (Exo) stained for BAX and BCL-w.

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