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Figure 4

From: Cx43 phosphorylation on S279/282 and intercellular communication are regulated by IP3/IP3 receptor signaling

Figure 4

IP 3 R-associated regulation of Cx43 phosphorylation in ventricular cardiomyocytes. Solubilized lysates from homogenized NRVMs (A) and mouse ventricles (C) that had been treated with different reagents as indicated were subjected to specific anti-phosphor Cx43 and anti-Cx43 antibodies, respectively. Representative western blots of pS368, pS262, pS279/282 and Cx43 as indicated (A) and their normalized relative abundances in NRVMs (B), and the blots of pS279/282 and Cx43 (C) and their normalized data in adult ventricles (D) depict the effects of 2-APB, shRNA against pan-IP3R, IP3/BM and ATP at the concentrations similar to those in functional evaluation on Cx43 phosphorylation. *P <0.05 and **P?<?0.01 vs. DMSO- or scramble shRNA-treated cells, n = 3–4 independent experiments for each bar.

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