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Figure 11 | Cell Communication and Signaling

Figure 11

From: The Dioxin receptor modulates Caveolin-1 mobilization during directional migration: role of cholesterol

Figure 11

Schematic representation of the signaling pathway proposed for the AhR-dependent control of cell migration. The regulation of c-Src and ?1-integrin through the AhR target gene Cbp/Pag1 has been reported in our previous study [16]. Here we propose that a certain amount of cytosolic AhR locates in the vicinity of the plasma membrane during cell migration. This membrane-related AhR associates into a common protein complex with Cav1 and favors its enrichment in DRMs of the plasma membrane. It is likely that this functional relationship between AhR and Cav-1 helps establish a suitable Cav-1 distribution at the leading edge of directionally migrating fibroblasts. Cholesterol probably has a relevant role in this mechanism because it is a major lipid in defining DRM regions in the plasma membrane and because its levels are controlled by AhR. The importance of phosphorylation in determining the localization of Cav-1 is not yet clearly defined despite being a target of c-Src kinase in T-FGM fibroblasts [16].

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