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Figure 1

From: Transient TNF regulates the self-renewing capacity of stem-like label-retaining cells in sphere and skin equivalent models of melanoma

Figure 1

Dividing cells with diluted Histone 2B-Green Fluorescent Protein (H2B-GFP) fusion protein monitoring cell divisional history. HBL and SK-Mel28 melanoma cells were stably transfected with the “TET-ON” plasmid system (Materials and methods) to express inducible H2B-GFP. A. Flow cytometry analysis of GFP fluorescence at day (D) 0, 2, 4 and 7. GFP-negative tetracycline-uninduced cells (black lines) served as reference to gate their GFP-positive (green lines) counterparts. The numbers indicate the percent of GFP-positive cells in the total population. B. Representative IncuCyte images of live cell video recordings made during 9 days of culturing and illustrating a progressive dilution of GFP. Control - uninduced HBL-H2BGFP cells. Scale bar = 50 μm. C. Quantitative illustration of GFP dilution during 9 days of culturing.

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