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Table 4 Cell lines with reported resistance for phosphorylation/injection of CagA a

From: Molecular mechanisms of gastric epithelial cell adhesion and injection of CagA by Helicobacter pylori

Cell line Origin Species H. pylori strains used Applied methods References
Hek293 kidney human P1, P12, 26695, P310 Anti-PY WB/SI [99]
GLC4 Lung human P1, P12 Anti-PY WB/IPA [74]
CHOK1 Ovary hamster P1, P12 Anti-PY WB/IPA [74]
MDCK Kidney dog P1, P12 Anti-PY WB/IPA [74]
  1. a Abbreviations: anti-PY WB (Westernblotting of infected cell lysates using several pan-phospho-tyrosine antibodies); IPA (in vitro phosphorylation assays of CagA with cell lysates to ensure that active kinases are present in the cells of interest); SI (synchronised infection assays: bacteria were centrifuged onto Hek293 cells to ensure proper contact of bacteria with these host cells).