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Table 1 Characteristics of cag PAI-independent and cag PAI-dependent host cell adhesion factorsa

From: Molecular mechanisms of gastric epithelial cell adhesion and injection of CagA by Helicobacter pylori

Bacterial factor Reported host receptor Cell systems used H. pylori strains used Applied methods References
BabA Fucosylated blood group antigens Leb, and H1 Human gastric tissue sections P466, CCUG17875, A5, M019, 26695 RIA, Receptor displacement asssay, Scatchard analysis, [14]
  Leb, H1, A, ALeb, and BLeb - P466, CCUG17875, J99 Overlay binding studies with radiolabelled glycoconjugates [15]
BabB Unknown - - - -
SabA Sialylated dimeric Lewis x, Sialyl Lea antigen Human and monkey gastric tissue sections CCUG17875, J99, 26695, SM165, WU12 RIA and Scatchard analysis [26]
  Laminin - J99 Glycoconjugate array binding studies [30]
OipA Unknown AGS, KATO-III B128, G27 Bacterial adherence assays [37]
AlpA/B Laminin - 26695, SS1 Flow cytometry, Biacore binding studies, surface adherence assay [33]
HopZ Unknown AGS ATCC43504, 342, 326/01 AGS cell adhesion assays [39]
CagA β1 integrin GE11 vs. GE11β1 P12 Y2H, PD with magnetic beads, FACS, Biacore binding studies [82]
  Phosphatidylserine AGS NCTC11637 Binding studies, CF, AB blocking, IF [83]
CagI β1 integrin - - Y2H, PD with magnetic beads, FACS [82]
CagL β1 integrin AGS, GD25 vs. GD25β1, HeLa, mouse fibroblasts P1, P12 Biacore binding studies, Peptide competition, cell adhesion assays, AB blocking, CF [61, 81]
CagY β1 integrin GE11 vs. GE11β1 P12 Y2H, PD with magnetic beads, FACS [82]
  1. a Abbreviations: AB (antibody); CF (cellular fractionation); FACS (Fluorescence-activated cell sorting); IF (co-localization by immunofluorescence); PD (pull-down experiments); RIA (Radioimmuno assay); Y2H (yeast two hybrid screen).