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Figure 2

From: A novel MCF-10A line allowing conditional oncogene expression in 3D culture

Figure 2

Characterization of Tet-regulated transgene expression in MCF-10A cells. (A, B) FACS analysis showing a typical (A) dose-response and (B) time course experiment. (C) MCF-10Atet cells stably transfected with pTET/HAhBRAF-GFP-bsr were induced with dox for 24 h followed by a wash-out of dox. Transgene expression was monitored by Western blotting. (D) MCF-10Atet cells were induced with dox for 24 h and either kept under dox treatment for additional 6 days (+ 6 days) or subjected to a dox wash-out (wo 6 days). Cells were lysed and Western blot analysis was performed using the indicated antibodies.

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