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Table 1

From: Different populations and sources of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC): A comparison of adult and neonatal tissue-derived MSC

positive CD13, CD44, CD73 (SH3), CD90, CD105 (SH2), CD166, STRO-1 CD9, CD13, CD29, CD44, CD54, CD73 (SH3), CD90, CD105 (SH2), CD106, CD146, CD166, HLA I, STRO-1 CD44, CD54, CD90, CD105 (SH2), CD166
negative CD14, CD34, CD45 CD11b, CD14, CD19, CD31, CD34, CD45, CD79α, CD133, CD144, HLA-DR CD14, CD34, CD45, CD31
Reference [6, 14] [13, 15] [3, 7, 16]