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Table 1 Phosphorylation of the PDZ ligand by serine or threonine kinase modulates PDZ protein-protein interactions

From: PDZ domains and their binding partners: structure, specificity, and modification

PDZ-containing proteins Binding partner(s) PDZ liganda Kinase(s) Ref.
PSD-95 Kir2.3 ISYRREES RI PKA (RR/KXS/T)b Cohen et al. [187]
PSD-95 Stargazin ANRRTT PV PKA (RR/KXS/T)b Choi et al. [115]
Chetkovich et al. [114]
PSD-95/SAP102 NR2B subunit of NMDAR LSSIES DV CK2 (S/T XXE/D)b Chung et al. [112]
GRIP1 GluR2 subunit of AMPAR YNYGIES VKI PKC (RXXS/T XR/K)b Matsuda et al. [116]
Chung et al. [117]
PSD-95 NR2C subunit of NMDAR RRVSS LESEV PKA/PKC Chen et al. [127]
PSD-95/SAP97 LRP4 ERKLS SESQV CaMKII (RXXS/T) b Tian et al. [119]
  1. a Phosphorylation sites of PDZ ligands are underlined and in bold.
  2. b Kinase consensus phosphorylation motif (where X indicates any amino acid) [188, 189].