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Figure 2

From: Identification of subpopulations in mesenchymal stem cell-like cultures from human umbilical cord

Figure 2

Immunophenotype of cells obtained from human umbilical cord tissue. A. Flow cytometric analysis of surface antigen expression in the UC-derived cultures was performed using the labelled antibody anti CD44-PE; anti CD73-PE; anti CD90-FITC; anti CD105-R-PE. At least 10,000 events are displayed. B. Exemplary CD90 and CD73 expression normalized on cell size: comparison of subpopulations of small- (filled histogram) and large-sized cells (unfilled histogram). The fluorescence of the conjugated monoclonal antibodies (anti CD90-FITC and anti CD73-PE) as well as the forward scatter (FSC) signals were measured on linear scale. The ratios were calculated by the EPICS XL/MCL flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter).

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