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Table 2 Summary of the general and specific function of adipocytokines

From: Leptin and Adiponectin: new players in the field of tumor cell and leukocyte migration

Molecule Function/effect in general Leukocyte function References Function and cancer type References
Leptin Satiety and appetite; signals to the brain to regulate energy homoeostasis and body weight. Chemoattractant of neutrophils, monocytes & macrophages; stimulates chemokinesis of eosinophils [18, 2022] Promotes migration & invasion of chondrosarcoma, glioma, colon, endometrial prostate & hepatocellular carcinoma cells [28, 29, 3438]
Adiponectin Regulator of energy homoeostasis: enhances insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake; has anti-inflammatory properties. Stimulates the migration of neutrophils & inhibits phagocytotic activity of macrophages. [51]
Figure 1
Suppresses growth in breast, colon & prostate cancer cell lines
Stimulates the migration of chondrosarcoma, colon & prostate carcinoma cells
[62, 63, 67, 70, 71]
Table 1