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Figure 1

From: Function, regulation and pathological roles of the Gab/DOS docking proteins

Figure 1

Conserved structural features of Gab proteins. Simplified cartoon indicating the modular structure of the human Gab proteins (Gab1-3), the putative human Gab4 protein, DOS, SOC-1 and a putative Gab protein from Nematostella vectensis (Ne-Gab). All proteins contain a highly-conserved N-terminal PH domain involved in membrane recruitment. The central proline-rich regions mediate the interaction with SH3 domain-containing adaptor proteins such as Grb2. Consensus motifs for SH2- or PTB domain-containing proteins like SHP2, p85, Crk and PLCγ are indicated. The functionally-characterized 14-3-3 binding motifs in Gab2 and the c-Met binding domain (MBD) in Gab1 are also shown.

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