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Figure 1

From: HSP90 is essential for Jak-STAT signaling in classical Hodgkin lymphoma cells

Figure 1

Tyrphostine AG17 leads to dephosphorylation of Janus kinases after 6 h of treatment in cHL cell lines. Cell lines L428, L591 and L1236 were incubated with DMSO or 10 μM AG17 for 6 h as described recently [2]. Tyrosine phosphorylation of Jaks was analysed by immunoprecipitation (Protein A Microbeads, Miltenyi Biotech) with Jak specific antibodys (Jak1 (HR-785), Jak2 (C-20), Jak3 (C-21) and Tyk2 (C-20) Santa-Cruz) and immunostaining of tyrosine phosphorylation by 4G10 antibody (Upstate). Loading controls were accomplished by specific antibodys against Jak proteins.

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