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Table 2 miR-125b associated with tumor suppressive signaling in cancer

From: Good guy or bad guy: the opposing roles of microRNA 125b in cancer

Tumor entity Direction of deregulation miR-125b targets Comments Ref.
Bladder cancer Down E2F3 Regulator of colony formation, cell division [49]
  Down MMP13 Regulator of cell migration and invasion [50]
  Down NA NA [51]
Breast cancer Down EPO, EPOR Regulator of differentiation and survival of erythroid cells [52]
  Down ETS1 Regulator of cell proliferation, clonogenicity and cell cycle progression [24]
  Down ENPEP, CK2-α, CCNJ, MEGF9 Cell proliferation and anchorage-independent growth [53]
  Down ERBB2/ERBB3 Regulator of migration and invasion [40]
  Down MUC1 Regulator of proliferation and apoptosis induction [54]
Endometrial cancer Down ERBB2 Regulator of cell invasion [20]
Ewing sarcoma Down IGF1, IGFR, mTOR, RSK1 Growth inhibitory properties [55]
  Down PI3K/Akt/mTOR Regulator of proliferation, migration and invasion [56]
Head and neck tumors Down TACSTD2 (TROP2) Causes mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway dysfunction [17]
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) Down Bcl-W, Mcl-1, IL-6R Regulator of apoptosis [57, 58]
  Down BCL2 Regulator of apoptosis [59]
  Down PIGF Regulator of invasion/angiogenesis [60]
  Down LIN28B Regulator of cell migration and invasion [61]
  Down   Suppresses the cell growth via Akt phosphorylation [62]
Higher in HCCs with good survival
Oral squamous cell carcinoma Down NA Regulator of proliferation [21]
Osteosarcoma Down STAT3 Regulator of proliferation and migration [22]
Ovarian cancer Down BCL3 Regulator of proliferation and clonal formation [63]
  Down HER2/HER3 Regulator of proliferation and angiogenesis [64]
Skin cancer Down c-Jun Regulator of proliferation [19]
Thyroid cancer Down NA NA [29]
  1. NA: not analyzed.