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Figure 4

From: THOC5, a member of the mRNA export complex: a novel link between mRNA export machinery and signal transduction pathways in cell proliferation and differentiation

Figure 4

Potential function of THOC5 in immediate-early gene response. Upon stimulation with growth factors/cytokines THOC5 is phosphorylated at multiple positions. Signals reach the nucleus and the promoters of immediate-early response genes are activated. Simultaneously, the 3′ processing complex is recruited to the promoter region [32]. During gene transcription, THOC5 is recruited to its target immediate-early gene [20] and then participates in 3′ processing of these genes. Unspliced and spliced THOC5 target mRNAs form a complex with THOC5. Post transcriptional splicing occurs in nuclear speckles where THOC5 has accumulated [20]. For the export of spliced mRNAs from nuclear speckles other members of TREX, Aly, UAP56 and THOC2 are required [30, 44]. It has been suggested that THOC5 and Aly form a complex with mRNA receptor TAP-p15 transiently and transfer THOC5 target mRNA to the TAP-p15 complex [29]. PM: plasma membrane; NP: nuclear pore.

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