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Figure 2

From: Panx1 regulates neural stem and progenitor cell behaviours associated with cytoskeletal dynamics and interacts with multiple cytoskeletal elements

Figure 2

Panx1 influences cell migration. (A) Panx1 siRNA knockdown in the N2a cell line caused a reduction in cell migration in a scratch wound closure assay. Wounds were monitored in real time using an Incucyte (Essen Biosciences, Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA). Representative shots of scratch wound closure for (B) control and (C) Panx1 knockdown N2a cells. (D) Western blot of N2a lysates 48 hours post-transfection shows successful Panx1 knockdown (left). The expected Panx1 band is present at ~50 kDa, as well as a lower band that likely corresponds to a lower glycosylation species of Panx1 as it is also specifically knocked down. The percent knockdown at 48 hours was ~60% of control Panx1 levels (right).

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