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Figure 4

From: Targeting density-enhanced phosphatase-1 (DEP-1) with antisense oligonucleotides improves the metabolic phenotype in high-fat diet-fed mice

Figure 4

Basic metabolic phenotyping of mice subjected to control ASO and DEP-1 ASO administration. A: Body weight was monitored twice weekly during the application period with ASOs; (n = 8–10 per group). B: Respiratory exchange ratio (RER) was measured over 18 h in metabolic cages (LabMaster). Each data point represents n = 8–9 animals per group. C: An intraperitoneal insulin tolerance test (ITT) was performed 5 weeks after ASO administration by injection of 0.5 U insulin/kg body weight to fasted mice; (n = 7 per group). D: Corresponding AUC to (C). E: After 6 weeks of ASO administration a glucose tolerance test (GTT) was performed in fasted mice by injection of 1 g glucose/kg body weight quantified by AUC; (n = 8–9 per group). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01.

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