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Figure 7

From: The role of LPA and YAP signaling in long-term migration of human ovarian cancer cells

Figure 7

pYAP expression was low in EOC tissues when compared to both normal and benign ovarian tissues. A, Immunofluorescence staining of total YAP (green) in normal and EOC tissues showed that YAP was mainly cytosolic and nuclear (blue) in normal and EOC tissues, respectively (a). Different locations for total YAP in normal and EOC tissues were confirmed by IHC (b). B, EOC tissues express lower levels of pYAP than normal and benign tissues. The top row shows the negative controls of IHC when the first antibody was not added. Representative pictures are shown (a). Summary of the quantified IHC results from normal ovary (n = 8), benign ovarian tissues (n = 10), and EOC tissues (n = 27) (b).

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