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Table 1 A meta-map of Gab2 phosphorylation

From: Alterations of Gab2 signalling complexes in imatinib and dasatinib treated chronic myeloid leukaemia cells

Residue This study IM-treated K562 cells [[38]] EGF-stimulated MCF-10A cells [[19]] Phospho-sitePlus Protein docking site or other known function Conserved in Gab1
S2 X      
Y48   X   X   X
Y49     X   X
S132 X      
S133 X   X X   
S140 X   X X   
S141 X   X X   
S146 X      
S148 X   X X   
S149 X   X X   
S159 Western (Figure 1A)   X X Negative regulatory site; AKT substrate [21]  
S164    X X   
T171     X   X
Y194     X   
S210 X   X X 14-3-3 binding and negative regulatory site [19, 23]  
S218 X   X X   X
S223 X   X X   
T225 X      
Y249     X CrkL/PLCγ [13] X
S250     X   X
S264 X   X X   X and phosphorylated [57]
T265     X   X
Y266   X   X CrkL/PLCγ [13] X
T278 X   X    
S281 X   X X   
T283 X      
S285 X      
T287 X   X X   
Y293   X X X CrkL [13] X
T294     X   
T319 X      X
Y324 X     CrkL/PLCγ [13] X
T329 X      X
T331    X    X
T343 X      
S368 X      X
T385 X   X X   
T391 X   X X 14-3-3 binding and negative regulatory site [19, 23] X and phosphorylated [57]
S404 X    X   X
S405 X   X X   X
T408     X   
Y409   X   X   X
Y411     X   
S422 X      X and phosphorylated [57]
S425 X      
S427 X      
S443 X      
S448 X      
Y452 X    X p85 recruitment site; Resilient against IM and DST in K562 cells [9] X
S472      X X
S474      X X
Y476      X X
S480 X   X X   X
S488 X    X   X
Y491 X    X   
S506 X      
S543 X   X X ERK dependent phosphorylation of the S543 equivalent critical for PH-domain mediated membrane recruitment of Gab1 [56]. ERK consensus motif (PxxSP) conserved in Gab2 X
S550     X   
Y563     X   
Y584     X p85 [13] X
S611     X   
Y614     X Shp2 [13] X
S622 X   X X   X
S623 X   X X   
S625 X    X   X
S631 X    X   
T632     X   
S633     X   
S634 X      
T636 X    X   X
S637 X    X   
Y643 X    X Shp2 [13] X
  1. Comparison of the phospho-maps of Gab2 from this study with those established for IM treated K562 cells [38], EGF stimulated MCF-10A cells [19] and the sites listed in the curated phosphosite database ( Note that in addition to other entries, the entries from the MCF-10A cells are also represented in this database. See Wöhrle et al. (2009) for further details on the indicated docking sites. Gab2 phoshorylation sites that have a homotopic counterpart in Gab1 (incl. conserved ST conversions) were identified by comparing the human Gab2 (NP_53679) and Gab1 (NP_997006.1) sequences using the BLASTP 2.2.27+ tool. However, it should be noted that in many cases only the phosphorylation site itself and not its context were conserved between both paralogues, like it was described for the T391/T387 in Gab2/Gab1 [19, 57]. All new Gab2 phosphorylation sites, identified in this study were marked in bold.