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Figure 4 | Cell Communication and Signaling

Figure 4

From: Alterations of Gab2 signalling complexes in imatinib and dasatinib treated chronic myeloid leukaemia cells

Figure 4

The phosphorylation status of Gab2 is differentially affected by imatinib and dasatinib. (A-B) Plotted are Gab2 phosphosite ratios normalized to Gab2 protein ratios of imatinib, dasatinib versus control treated cells of two biological replicates against respective summed peptide intensities. Sites changing more than two fold are annotated and marked in red. (C) Same set-up as for (A-B) except that Gab2 phosphosites from imatinib treated cells are compared with those from dasatinib treated cells.

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