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Figure 2

From: Impact of the p53 status of tumor cells on extrinsic and intrinsic apoptosis signaling

Figure 2

Different impact of mutant p53 on extrinsic and intrinsic cell death induction in HCT116 cells. A,B) HCT116 p53-/- cells transfected with the different pCDH constructs containing wildtype p53 or p53 with point mutation at codon 143, 175, 248, 249 or 273 were stimulated with doxorubicin (100 ng/ml, 72 hours, A) or TRAIL (100 ng/ml, 48 hours, B). Cell death induction, calculation of specific apoptosis, presentation of data and Western Blot analysis were performed as in Figure 1. Statistical analysis was performed using one way RM ANOVA. *p < 0,05, NS = statistically not significant.

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